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In accordance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11th July, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, Daraluz, S.L.U. makes the following data available to Users:

The registered address for Daraluz, S.L.U. (hereinafter LA CASA GRANDE) is Maldonado, 10, 11630 Arcos de la Frontera and its Tax ID Number is  B11717295.

The website provides Users with information and access to services related to our hotel, as well as an online room booking service.

Use of the website and/or its services implies full, unreserved acceptance and validation of each and every one of the General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereafter Terms and Conditions) in the latest version of these Terms and Conditions. Users must therefore be aware of the importance of reading the Terms and Conditions each time they visit the website.


The User undertakes to use the website and the services available therein in accordance with current Law and within generally accepted moral, good practice and public order standards, as described in these Terms and Conditions.

In order to improve the functionality of the website and to benefit Users, Daraluz, S.L.U. reserves the right to modify the services provided or any other substantial aspect of the website, as well as their conditions of operability or technology and the use of the services.

Users of must comply with any duly authorised instructions issued by HOTEL LA CASA GRANDE or its staff members via email on this website.


All the information on, its graphic design and the code in HTML, JAVA, JAVA Script or Active X language is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights.

These rights belong exclusively to LA CASA GRANDE or its license holders. Any Internet Users who access the website can view the information it contains and download or play content privately on their own computer as long as the elements reproduced are not subsequently transferred to third parties or installed on a server connected to the Internet or to a local network. Notwithstanding the present Terms and Conditions, any distribution, modification, transfer, broadcast, reproduction or any other act disseminating the information published on, in full or part, is strictly prohibited without prior authorisation from LA CASA GRANDE The User undertakes to use the website content and information in a diligent, proper and legal manner and, specifically, only for personal and not commercial purposes.

Therefore, Users are prohibited from modifying, copying, playing, broadcasting, distributing, publishing, creating derivative works, exhibiting or in any other way transferring or commercially exploiting the material or content of the information included on the website in full or part without prior written authorisation from LA CASA GRANDE.


LA CASA GRANDE reserves the right to exclude Users temporarily or permanently under any of the following circumstances:

  • Due to a breach of any of the General Terms and Conditions of Use established in this document
  • Due to a breach of current law or ethics and standards of public order.
  • The exclusion of a User in no way indicates that LA CASA GRANDE has waived its rights to take any and all appropriate legal actions or its legal right to any corresponding compensation.


LA CASA GRANDE reserves the right to modify any of the Terms and Conditions of Use it deems appropriate. Users shall be informed of modifications effected via this website.


LA CASA GRANDE does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the operability of its website nor of the products and services available to the User and therefore shall not be held liable for any damages that may arise as a result of the lack of availability, reliability or continuity of its website and its services, although it will try to facilitate technical help to the affected User insofar as it is possible. Likewise, it will try to re-establish the service as soon as possible and will make alternative measures available to the User to the extent possible.

LA CASA GRANDE is not obliged to monitor and does not monitor the existence of viruses or elements in the content that may alter the software or hardware of Users or visitors to the website and therefore shall not be held liable for any damages or losses of any nature that may derive from such causes.

LA CASA GRANDE is not obliged to control and does not control, approve of nor make its own the services, content, data, files, products and any sort of materials existing on the websites of third parties and therefore shall not be held liable under any circumstances for the legality of the content on third-party websites, responsibility for which lies exclusively with the third party including but not limited to the contents’ legality and ethics, good practice and standards of public order, as well as any possible infringement on third-party rights.

LA CASA GRANDE is not obliged to control and does not control nor does it guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the operability of the products or services made available to Users by third parties hosted outside the website and therefore shall not be held liable for any damages and/or losses of any nature that may arise from the lack of reliability, availability or continuity of said website or services.


These Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by Spanish Law. Any disputes that may arise shall be taken up with the Courts of Arcos de la Frontera, 11630 Cádiz, Spain, for resolution, validation, implementation or compliance, in full or part, and both Users and LA CASA GRANDE expressly waive any rights they may have to take said disputes up in any other jurisdiction. This contract constitutes the complete and entire agreement between LA CASA GRANDE and the User and replaces any and all previous pacts, commitments, manifestations or agreements, whether written or verbal, which may have existed between the two parties.


Users of the online booking services offered through the website voluntarily and expressly provide their personal details and unconditionally accept that LA CASA GRANDE will automatically handle this personal data and include it in a file in order to be able to provide offers of services. This file is the responsibility of LA CASA GRANDE and is registered with the competent authority.

No personal data will be passed on to third parties that are completely external to LA CASA GRANDE and LA CASA GRANDE guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data, except when required to reveal said personal data and/or any other information in its power or to which it has access by competent public authorities, when required by law or under the regulations applicable to the case.

The individuals to which the personal data pertains have the right to access the file containing their personal data and to exercise their right to correct, delete and oppose to the handling of said data at any time in accordance with the terms established in current data protection law. Likewise, Users may revoke consent for the handling and access to their personal data at any time, without retroactive effect, in accordance with Articles 6 and 11 of Organic Law 15/1999, dated 13th December, regarding Protection of Personal Data.

If the User wishes to exercise the abovementioned rights, they can do so by contacting Daraluz, S.L.U. by email at or in writing to the registered address listed in these Terms and Conditions. LA CASA GRANDE ensures that it has adopted any and all appropriate security measures in its facilities, systems and files. It likewise guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data. The Users of hereby declare that the personal data they provide is true, exact, current and authentic and they undertake to maintain said data duly up-to-date.

The services of LA CASA GRANDE must not be used by minors and LA CASA GRANDE does not request nor compile information related to minors.   LA CASA GRANDE may compile information on the search habits of the Users of by means of cookies or registration files. These elements are exclusively associated to a User and their computer. In such cases, LA CASA GRANDE shall only use the data with and for the purpose of improving its services.

The electronic documents by which bookings are formalised are electronically archived for the period established by law. Users of the booking service can access the information by exercising their corresponding rights to access in the aforementioned manner.

The operations to consult information related to the User’s accounts and the requests for services or products via are performed on a secure server. The software on the secure server encodes the information the User enters before transmitting it to LA CASA GRANDE. Likewise, LA CASA GRANDE follows strict security procedures in storing and sharing information to prevent unauthorised access, as established in Article 9 of Spanish Law 15/1999, dated 13th December, regarding the Protection of Personal Data effective in Spain. Notwithstanding,LA CASA GRANDE  shall not be held liable for incidents that may arise in connection with personal data when such incidents are caused either by an attack or unauthorised access to the systems in a way that is impossible to detect or prevent, despite having adopted security measures according to the state of current technology, or due to a lack of due diligence by the Procurer, User or Client of LA CASA GRANDE services and products in their management and custody of the passwords and personal data.

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